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Is there untapped or underutilised talent within your leaders and your workforce that is going to waste? Contact Dr. Irena to find out how to liberate the innovation, creativity & leadership potential of your people. The result? A vibrant, future-ready workplace enabled and empowered to rise to the challenges of the innovation age.

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Could This Be the New C-Suite Position of the Future?

Could This Be the New C-Suite Position of the Future?

Recently I read with interest this article by Leanne Kemp, QLDS Chief Entrepreneur entitled Every Company Needs a Chief Entrepreneur.I LOVED the core message - that organisations need a dedicated C-Suite executive responsible for focussing specifically on the future...

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You Might Owe Your Life to This Woman

You Might Owe Your Life to This Woman

We all know of Florence Nightingale as the most famous nurse in modern history — but her other legacy is in the coronavirus data we use today. She was born on the 12th of May 1820 so this week’s newsletter pays tribute to her and her remarkable contribution to...

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