Working with
Dr. Irena

Working with
Dr. Irena

Virtual Education

Going online opens up a wonderful range of new possibilities, experiences and ways of working together.

Mentoring Program

Liberating innovation, creativity and leadership within your organisation can take some time. Take your leaders and emerging leaders on a journey that will exponentially return your investment. Check out our corporate programs & then book a complimentary strategy session.

Key Note Speaking

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is on a mission to liberate innovation, creativity and leadership within organisations. For the last decade she has spoken at conferences around the world, inspiring leaders from different sectors to become more creative and innovative.

Workshop Leader

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw engages her audiences right from the start and gets them participating. Your people will gain transferrable insights rather than simply information. The range of tools, methodologies and concepts will make innovation more real to leaders.

Corporate Educator

Liberating innovation, creativity and leadership within your organisation can take some time. If you want lasting behavioural changes with tangible and measurable results then Dr Irena’s corporate programs are your solution.

Take your leaders and emerging leaders on a journey that will exponentially return your investment. Check out our corporate programs and then book a complimentary strategy session with Dr. Irena to discuss if and  how these programs can benefit your organisation.

Leading in the Innovation Age

The concept of leadership is going through a fundamental redesign at the moment. That is because we are living in the Innovation Age which it requires a new style of leader. This program develops future-ready leaders who will create future-ready workplaces. [read more]

Solution Centred Teams: Escape Default Thinking, Boring Results And Poor Teamwork. Multiply Your Team’s Creative Output, Collaboration And Solution Quality.

Organisations today are desperately seeking teams that can solve challenges more creatively and collaboratively, that avoid default solutions and deliver better outcomes – faster. Organisations need to develop and better utilise the creativity, expertise and talent of their people if they want to achieve their organisational goals in the Innovation Age. [read more]

Human Helium: Creating Intrapreneurs in the Public Sector who will help agencies to Soar

There are some very compelling reasons to place emphasis on intrepreneurialism in government. Bringing an intrapreneurial mind-set to public service, can help government achieve many of its key goals. Intrepreneurialism is a relatively new concept in government departments so there is a skills gap in this area. This program addresses that gap. [read more]

Human Helium: How Intrapreneurs help organisations to Soar.

Organisations today are needing to transform themselves to rise to the challenges of the 21st century. In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs can be the source of energy, tenacity and creativity that helps an organisation to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities. They are the most valuable of all employees. This program shows organisations how to unleash the intrapreneurial spirit within their employees. [read more]

The Innovative Leader Mentoring Program

Succeeding in transitional times such as we are experiencing right now can be very challenging. If you would like some help in mastering the art and science of leading innovation then this program is for you. Each quarter I work with a small number of committed leaders over a 3 month period who want to become confident in leading innovation in order to bring real and tangible results for their team and organisation. [read more]

Virtual Education

Going online opens up a wonderful range of new possibilities, experiences and ways of working together.


Dr. Irena ‘drops-in’ LIVE for your virtual gathering or team meetings via zoom for between 15 – 30 minutes. A great way to upskill teams in small bite-sized chunks. Ideal for:

  • Virtual lunch and learn segments
  • Discussion starters for team meetings
  • Laying the foundations for meetings focusing on innovation, change, brainstorming new ideas
  • Short Professional Development segments
  • Stimulating thinking for problem-solving
  • Supporting teams adapting to doing differently
  • Engaging your team in a ‘light touch’ way with key concepts related to:
    • Innovation
    • Creative problem-solving
    • Intrapreneurialism
    • Leadership

Minimum booking - three segments.

Choose from two options

  1. Three different topics or
  2. A series on the same topic that sequentially builds knowledge.

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Two hours of rich content and interactive on-line learning!  

Women’s Empowerment Masterclass

This Masterclass reveals the often-invisible influences, mindsets and behaviours that shape our daily lives and how we can transform them to our best advantage in our personal and professional contexts. Identify disempowering behaviours, mindsets and habits then replace them!

Raise your personal and professional effectiveness. EXPERIENCE A POWERFUL MENTAL MAKEOVER!

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Understanding Creative Problem-Solving Preferences

In this Masterclass identify the creative problem-solving preferences of all your team members and use this insight to understand how your team can collaborate more effectively to solve workplace problems.  If you have ever wondered what planet your co-workers live on because their thinking style and approach to challenges is so different to yours – this masterclass may have the answer.

Using a simple but powerful psychometric tool called StrateGEE® developed by Dr. Irena, you will learn an effective development plan for augmenting and boosting thinking, problem-solving and decision making. It will also enable you to identify gaps within the team so they can address them in order to increase productivity.

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Discover your DISC profile to enhance professional effectiveness

DISC is one of the most widely used tools for developing leadership skills, emotional intelligence and an understanding of different communication and influencing styles.

Participants in this masterclass will complete an on-line questionnaire to receive their detailed and comprehensive personal DISC profile. This information will be used to identify more effective ways of working in the new landscape - during and post COVID-19.  

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The New Leadership Meta-skills for Uncertain Times

The current levels of global disruption due to the pandemic mean we are living in a super-VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) world. People have had to transform the way they do their work almost overnight. This new world requires a new leadership skillset.

This MASTERCLASS unpacks the seven essential leadership Meta-Skills that enable leaders to create high-performing, highly engaged, adaptable teams and workplaces - whether virtual or physical – to succeed in the current work environment.  

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The Intrapreneurial Archetypes: Insights for your team, your career and your leadership style.

In this masterclass discover the nine intrapreneurial archetypes to understand:

  • Which archetype are you most of the time?
  • Which archetypes are you some of the time?
  • Which archetype would you like to be?
  • Which qualities will you need to develop, evolve or intensify in order to fulfill your career aspirations?
  • What is the archetype constituency of your team and what implications does that have for how you work together?

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SOLVE A WICKED PROBLEM IN 90 DAYS! This unique, on-line facilitated program uses an approach called Problem Based Learning to develop the skills of creative problem-solving and collaboration to deliver an innovative solution to an authentic, complex problem. 

It is aimed at supporting teams working remotely to learn how to brainstorm together using collaboration technology and a suite of problem-solving tools.

The two fundamental premises of the program are:

  1. We are ALL capable of creativity every day. Creativity is not just for the artists, composers and geniuses of the world. It is the simple act of thinking about things in new ways to come up with fresh ideas that depart from established practices to add value.
  2. Creativity is an everyday skill that can be learnt, practiced and nurtured. It is not a gift that you were either born with …… or not. Anyone can develop their creativity if they want to. And like any other skill – the more you practice the easier it gets.

This program goes beyond just providing training. It is an integrated, immersive experience designed to take people on a journey of discovery and transformation.


  • 1 REAL problem
  • 6-8 virtual team members
  • 6x1 hour live on-line facilitated sessions
  • 6 Module on-line training program
  • Trillions of brain cells
  • 27 tools to unlock your creative thinking
  • 1 powerful method

You will love this program if you have ever:

  • Participated in a failed or frustrating brainstorming session dreaming you were somewhere else.
  • Been frustrated by the amount of time and effort wasted in unproductive meetings.
  • Longed to break out of the ‘same old…..same old’ approaches to solving workplace problems.
  • Felt like the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ when you’ve been asked to come up with an ‘innovative solution’ to a challenge but had no idea where to start.
  • Thought that you were capable of so much more creativity if only you had some basic tools to help you tap into it and the confidence to use it.
  • Thought you were not creative but wished you were.
  • Wanted to have more FUN while getting better team outcomes.

(NB: Prerequisite - Understanding Creative Problem-Solving Preferences Masterclass)

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is on a mission to liberate innovation, creativity and leadership within organisations. For the last decade she has spoken at conferences around the world, inspiring leaders from different sectors to become more creative and innovative.

Dr. Irena is a Certified Speaking Professional which is the pinnacle of achievement in the global speaking industry and your guarantee that you will receive only the highest quality experience. There are fewer than 600 CSPs in the world who represent the top echelon of globally recognised speakers.


Keynote Topics

Leading In the Innovation Age



This is Dr. Irena’s most requested topic. It is relevant to all audiences and is tailored for your context.

The Twenty First century innovation age requires a new style of leadership. It requires leaders who can harness the collective resources, talents and wisdom of people in the service of organisational innovation. What new skills do leaders now need in a super-VUCA world?  Find out in this entertaining and interactive keynote. [read more]

From Wow to Kapow: How to Turbo-Charge Your Creative Thinking

How can we keep our thinking fresh and creative in the face of heavy workloads, time constraints and entrenched practices? How do we avoid the lure of established systems that we know work - in favour of new and innovative solutions that may fail? How do we creatively use our vast database of knowledge to solve complex workplace problems? Find out in this compelling keynote. [read more]

Solution Centred Teams: Key to the Productive Workplace

Understanding our creative thinking preferences is an essential first step to enhancing innovative outcomes, productive work relationships and team effectiveness. In this entertaining and informative keynote Dr. Irena shares her original and ground-breaking method for understanding different approaches to creative thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. Use this valuable knowledge to make you team more innovative and productive. [read more]

Human Helium: How Intrapreneurs Help Organisations to Soar

Intrapreneurialism is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur whilst working inside a large organisation. In this powerful keynote, Dr. Irena reveals the essential ingredients for intrapreneurialism and how these can be used to equip people in your organisation with the mindset and tools to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit in the service of the organisation. [read more]

Innovating to Compete in a Global Economy



The key drivers for business success are innovation and creativity! Businesses are realising that traditional models are no longer delivering the same returns and that ‘business as usual’ is the undisputed path to irrelevance. In this informative keynote find out how your business can be a successful global player in the new 21st Century landscape of the Innovation Age.

Workshop Leader



Leading for Innovation: Creating a culture in which innovation can thrive

Without innovative leadership in an organisation, other initiatives will not help it succeed. Learn the art and science of leading for innovation. In this workshop discover how to use Dr. Irena’s Integrated Innovation Model with its associated tools to liberate the kind of innovative thinking and behaviours that transform a workplace. [read more]


Beyond Boundaries: Creativity For Real-World Success

Creativity is the new core leadership skill. By 2020 creativity will be number three on the list of top 10 workplace skills. However research shows that most organisations have a skills gap in this area.  Fortunately creativity can be learnt and nurtured. We are all capable of creativity! In this workshop discover how to access, apply and leverage your vast store of knowledge, understanding and wisdom to produce creative outcomes. [read more]

Feeding Innovation With Solution-Centred Teams

This workshop develops creative teams who can celebrate their diversity and capitalise on their mix of creative thinking styles. In a world where creativity has become a core skill it is imperative that people understand their own approaches to creative thinking and how to work with people who have different styles. [read more]

Presenting Complex Content Clearly And Creatively

In an age of information overload how do you achieve ‘cut through’ for your important ideas? Today’s leaders often have to communicate complex information to diverse groups who are time poor. How then can leaders engage people with their content so that they not only ‘get it’ but ‘want it’?

In this highly acclaimed workshop, discover how to make potentially ‘Dry’ information interesting and absorbing using innovative preparation and delivery techniques. Be praised and admired next time you give a presentation. Win acclaim when you share your information with clarity and creativity.

Key ‘Take-Aways’ From This workshop
  • How to design content for maximum impact, understanding and retention.
  • Influence others through the use of creative and clever metaphors, case studies and stories.
  • How to ensure relevance and rapport by preparing strategically with your audience in mind.
  • A personalised development plan. • Confidence in presenting professionally and persuasively.
  • The art of visual story-telling.
  • Comprehensive workbook.

[download the brochure]
"Good, snappy, well-designed and presented course. Irena is able to draw out participants – even the most reluctant!"
M. Klaessen, Senior Manager, I.A.

Excellent redesign of ways to present complex topics simply and with authority, with many opportunities to practice and evaluate ideas.
C. Bowly, Assistant State Manager, AusIndustry

This training has been extremely beneficial. Presentations by officers who have undertaken this program show a marked improvement in the speakers’ style, design and presentation of the material.
C. Keech, Director, Business Performance and Improvement, Qld Health

Irena has provided extended training and coaching for more than 180 of my engineering and technical staff at Transport and Main Roads. Our focus has been on building skills in imparting complex technical information in a clear manner providing maximum impact and influence. Attendees have embraced and enjoyed the training and feedback has indicated that the usefulness of content has hit its mark. We have used these communication and presentation skills as a catalyst in cultural change.
J. Mitchell, Chief Engineer, Qld TMR

"A stimulating and comprehensive training workshop which engages one's thoughts and forces considerations "outside the box". A very well constructed course offering considerable guidance and insights to presenting complex content."
G. Copcutt. Customer Service Manager, Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research

What a great course! The format was excellent with the right blend of theory and practice. In particular, it was impressive to see how easily and comfortably you identified the different needs of everyone and provided specific tools and strategies which we put into practice. I have since employed these with great success.
Dr A. Ivory, Program Manager, Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Water Resources

"Last year we engaged the services of Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw to deliver a series of workshops for our staff. We have invited Irena back this year for Irena to focus on delivery of her workshop on Presenting Complex Content to the leadership group of council. The leadership group of council numbers approximately 40 and is made up of the key leaders of the organisation which includes the Executive team, all managers, all supervisors and all coordinators of council. At any given time a member of the leadership group may be called upon to deliver a presentation to council, to the executive, to staff, to their peers or to an external agency or to the community. As such the CEO of Scenic Rim Regional Council has desired that all members of the leadership group participate in Irena’s Presenting Complex Content workshop to ensure that they have the skills and confidence necessary to stand before an audience and present in a professional, enthusiastic and engaging manner. The staff and I at SRRC have found Irena’s workshops to be fun, fulfilling and educational. Irena is an engaging presenter, she is professional, knows her subject and gets the message across in a flexible, pleasant and admirable way. I recommend Irena to any organisation that wants to see the results of the investment they put into the development of their staff. We have had nothing but excellent feedback from our staff on the workshops Irena has delivered, and on the bottom line we have seen a vast improvement from our staff when presenting complex content to different groups".
D. Mcpherson, HR Manager, Scenic Rim Regional Council

Creative Collaboration: Leveraging Potential For Productivity Performance And Profit

Collaboration is at the heart of the innovative workplace. Unlock the enormous value for your organisation brought through collaboration and proactive knowledge sharing.

Learn how to serve clients better, integrate service delivery and achieve more effective outcomes by opening the channels of communication internally and externally.

Understand the difference between consultation, cooperation and true collaboration and when to use those different activities.

Key ‘Take-Aways’ From This workshop
  • Simple processes for opening the channels of communication that lead to productive collaboration.
  • Steps in how to work effectively with others to solve problems collaboratively.
  • How to use collaboration to promote shared leadership.
  • Cultural factors that influence collaboration.
  • How to use collaboration to leverage your organisation’s resources and talents.
  • The power of collaborative conversations.
  • How to become an expert collaborator.
  • A collaboration process model for tapping into and developing creative problem-solving skills for innovative results.
  • Eliminating the barriers to collaboration.
  • Using team diversity as a collaboration strength.
  • How to be a collaboration catalyst.


I was introduced to Irena when we required a creative and inspiring facilitator for our collaboration workshop. Irena demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand our needs and translate them into a fun, engaging and thought provoking event that kept everyone's attention for the whole day. Irena has since delivered a number of well received workshops for our clients and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for any future opportunities."
P. Hodgson, State Director Enterprise Connect, Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research


Creating Intrapreneurs

Organisations today, are transforming themselves in order to rise to the complex challenges of the 21st century. Intrapreneurs can be the driving force behind this transformation!

What is intrapreneurialism? It is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur whilst working inside a large organisation. It is the demonstration of business acumen, personal leadership & creative problem-solving abilities that enables employees to find, explore & implement worthy ideas that help the organisation to be future-ready and relevant. In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs are the source of energy and creativity that helps an organisation, (especially one steeped in bureaucracy) to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities. They are the most valuable of all employees!
Invest in yourself and your team. Become more enterprising in your approach to envisioning and creating the future. Solve problems, implement your ideas and influence for positive change. Discover some powerful, road-tested tools and approaches guaranteed to help transcend entrenched thinking and doing to creating massive value.

Who Should Attend?

Employees, managers and leaders at all levels who want to help transform their organisations while developing their intrapreneurial skills.

What people are saying

“Developing our intrapreneurial skills with Dr. Irena has been hugely beneficial for changing the way we think about our business problems and their solutions.”
K. Dyble, Manager, QSA

“This workshop gave me a new way of thinking and a foundation for innovative leadership. It was challenging but great!”
L. Hutchinson. Qld Health.

There is a specially customised version of this workshop specifically for government agencies. [download the brochure]


Get your ‘Polemics Pass’ that entitles you to disrupt the status quo!


Swarm Vision Profiling Tool

Swarm conducted the world’s largest study of serial, successful innovators. Then built a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform to drive your top-line growth by:

  1. Identifying innovation talent inside your workforce or candidate pool
  2. Organising your people into stronger teams
  3. Up-skilling them 10-20% in 8 weeks
  4. Driving a culture that retains and leverages your innovation talent

I am very proud to have officially partnered with Swarm Vision to bring to Australia their next gen tool for identifying and capitalising on innovation talent within your workforce.

Swarm Vision is a Silicon Valley tech company that has developed a unique, science-based innovation profiler that reveals the innovation talent that could be hiding in plain sight throughout your workplace. Use it to identify innovators in a specific department, function or region or throughout the organisation as a benchmark.

This ground breaking tool can help you to attract and retain innovators, form stronger innovation teams and foster a culture of innovation. Swarm Vision measures 8 innovation skills and 26 sub-skills strongly correlated with business success, across all sectors.

What do you want to do?

  • Hire more innovators
  • Identify innovators already within your workforce
  • Understand and be able to recognise innovators
  • Understand innovation capabilities by department, function or region
  • Compare your company to international innovation talent benchmarks
  • Retain innovative employees
  • Form stronger innovation teams
  • Create a dedicated innovation capability function
  • Educate management about innovation
  • Create a culture of innovation based on data not guesswork

Three ways to get more information:

1. Call on 0411 330 301 for a chat or email me on irena@drirenayashinshaw.com to make a time to talk

2. Check out these information brochures.

     Innovation for the HR Professional

     Driving Sustained Innovation with the Workforce You Already Have

     How to use Swarm Vision Profiles

3. Spend some time on the Swarm Vision website https://www.swarmvision.com/