There is a new breed of corporate leader that is transforming organisations from the inside out.


Leadership Has Changed

Traditional models of leadership have been about managing people and processes. In today’s world of disruption and extraordinary change, the old style of leadership isn’t creating future-ready organisations.

From Stability to Disruption

It’s no longer about the status quo. The leader of the future is an opportunity finder not a problem avoider. The key is for leaders to empower themselves and others to be influential change-makers.

It’s Time for the Intrapreneur

Intrapreneurs unlock potential, harness creativity and liberate transformation to allow their organisations to SOAR.

This book will show you how!


“Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw has cleverly captured the future of leadership in this ground-breaking book. She shows how creative and enterprising individuals – INTRAPRENEURS – are transforming their organisations from the inside out. A must read for leaders aspiring to unleash their inner entrepreneur to change the world.”
Allan Pease. Chairman of Pease International and author of 18 top ten bestsellers.

“As a 21st century employee in a large organisation, you have two options. You can become extremely good at following systems, or you can become someone who creates the systems – an INTRAPRENEUR. The problem with being great at following systems is that no matter how good you are sooner or later someone overseas will do it cheaper, or a computer will do it better. Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is Australia’s leading thinker and writer on the second (and much smarter) option – being an INTRAPRENEUR. This book lays out the blue print for transforming your career and your organisation from the inside. Critical reading for anyone who wants to stay relevant over the next two decades.”
Peter Cook, CEO, Thought Leaders Pty Ltd.

“Innovation is often considered to be new product or service design, but in fact, it is a leadership skill – it is the capacity to shape the future of an industry and reinvent the business model. This is the world Irena explores in Intrapreneur.”
Dan Gregory, CEO, The Impossible Institute

“There’s no greater skill for employees to have in the current climate than the mindset of an entrepreneur.  An open and flexible mindset, looking for opportunities, taking action, running experiments and being responsive to what happens.  Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw packages up the phases of identifying if this is you and then what to do to bring it to life. It’s a guide book, a play book and a masterclass in being entrepreneurial ‘on the inside’ of your organisation. In short being an INTRAPRENEUR. Managers and leaders would do well to have this book in their library to refer to, guide their teams and use as an obstacle or barrier breaker in these times when innovation is needed at every turn.”
Lynne Cazaly. Author of Agile-ish.

“Intrapreneur is an immensely readable book. Full of rich vignettes and practical real life examples, Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw not only shines a light on the importance of developing intraprenurialism within your people and your organisation, but also points the way to achieving this. An important book for any business wanting to thrive in the 21st century.”
James Anderson. Author of The Agile Learner.

“There’s a lot said today about design thinking to stay differentiated in a fast paced world. Thing is: design thinking has to translate into implementation. And, that’s where Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw’s differentiation comes in. Her ability to transcend different contexts, in both the public and private sector and build capability in people to create and sustain new value shines through in her new book Intrapreneur.”
Dr. Richard Hodge. Director, DrRichardHodge.com. Member of Faculty at Thought Leaders Business School

“If you are a leader who wants to master the art of being an ‘Entrepreneur’ inside your organisation, then read this book.  Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw has discovered that the real power of enterprise and business performance comes from the people on your front line. Tap into the power of your organisation’s most valuable resource, your people, and unleash their abilities to become your team of ‘Intrapreneurs’. A forward thinking book that provides insights into getting the best out of people by unleashing their intrapreneurial skills. If you are feeling unappreciated as an employee because no one allows you to fly with the eagles, then read this book. It will provide you with the steps to become the intrapreneur you know you can be. Easy to read with many useful tools. As a leader myself, this book has provided a valuable and fresh perspective for me and my teams.”
Dr Drew Dwyer. CEO, Frontline Care Solutions.