Corporate Educator

Liberating innovation, creativity and leadership within your organisation can take some time. If you want lasting behavioural changes with tangible and measurable results then Dr Irena’s corporate programs are your solution. Take your leaders and emerging leaders on a journey that will exponentially return your investment. Check out our corporate programs and then book a complimentary strategy session with Dr. Irena to discuss if and how these programs can benefit your organisation.

Leading in the Innovation Age

The concept of leadership is going through a fundamental redesign at the moment. That is because we are living in the Innovation Agewhich it requires a new style of leader. This program develops future-ready leaders who will create future-ready workplaces. Read More.

Solution Centred Teams: Escape Default Thinking, Boring Results And Poor Teamwork. Multiply Your Team’s Creative Output, Collaboration And Solution Quality.

Organisations today are desperately seeking teams that  can solve challenges more creatively and collaboratively,  that avoid default solutions and deliver better outcomes – faster.  Organisations NEED to develop and better utilise the creativity, expertise and talent of their people if they want to achieve their organisational goals in the Innovation Age. Read more.

HUMAN HELIUM: Creating INTRAPRENEURS in the PUBLIC SECTOR who will help agencies to SOAR.

There are some very compelling reasons to place emphasis on intrepreneurialism in government. Bringing an intrapreneurial mind-set to public service, can help government achieve many of its key goals. Intrepreneurialism is a relatively new concept in government departments so there is a skills gap in this area. This program addresses that gap. Read More

HUMAN HELIUM: How INTRAPRENEURS help organisations to SOAR.

Organisations today, are needing to transform themselves to rise to the challenges of the 21st century. In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs can be the source of energy, tenacity and creativity that helps an organisation to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities.They are the most valuable of all employees. This program shows organisations how to unleash the intrapreneurial spirit within their employees. Read More.