We all want to feel in control of our lives. But sometimes ingrained and habitual behaviours cause us to act or react in ways that confound and stress us.

We all want to be treated with respect. But sometimes others treat us in ways we don’t understand.

This half-day workshop will reveal the often invisible influences, mindsets and behaviours that shape our daily lives and how we can transform them to our best advantage in our personal and professional contexts.




2019 – Date to be confirmed.

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Identify disempowering behaviours, mindsets and habits, then replace them!


Raise your personal and professional effectiveness.






  • Women in leadership roles
  • Emerging female leaders
  • Influencers
  • Women seeking accelerated personal and professional development
  • Women who aspire to be their best selves
You will receive a copy of Dr. Irena’s book SUCCESS SIMPLIFIED: Simple Solutions, Measurable Results.

What You’ll learn!

  • The five essential elements of personal empowerment
  • The importance of a ‘growth mindset ‘and how to achieve it
  • Specific empowerment strategies and tools
  • Your empowerment index score
  • How to deal with dis-empowering behaviours that undermine your success
  • How to elegantly handle challenges in ways which will grow your resilience
  • How to physically radiate presence and confidence
  • Little known vocal influencing techniques
  • How to overcome the barriers to living an empowered life
  • The fundamentals of self-efficacy and a powerful sense of agency so you can be a potent force for positive change

What You’ll Receive!

  • A hard copy of Dr. Irena’s book Success Simplified: Simple solutions  measurable results
  • Twelve weeks of email support
  • Manual
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Networking
  • Expertly facilitated learning

Your Workshop Leader


Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw (PhD, MEd, BA, CSP).  With a PhD in Cognition and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, Dr. Irena is a highly experienced educator adept at helping people to find, liberate and develop their untapped potential.

She understands what works and why when it comes to helping people and teams learn, transform and evolve. You are guaranteed a high-quality and enjoyable learning experience with results!

What people have said! 


“This workshop has been extremely valuable. I feel like I have assumed a completely new persona.”
– B. Zappala. Qld Health

“An extremely enjoyable workshop that gave insight into our own behaviours as well as tools for self-leadership and self-empowerment.”
– T. Low. Haematology and Oncology Clinic of Australasia.