Most people who are connected with me are aware that I am hosting the inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the 14th of March 2019. As someone in my network you are invited you to attend this historic event and join others who at the forefront of this global movement of Intrapreneurialism. As a reward for taking action – I’ll gift you a soft copy of my book Intrapreneur: How leaders ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change. Just email me after you have registered to let me know and I’ll send you the book.

Attending the Summit is important whether you want to positively impact the future of our society; the prospects of our young people; your business, organisation or team; or your career. Here’s why.

Why are the learnings and insights at the inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit so important?

  • Important for our economy

Intrapreneurialism as yet does not have significant traction in Australia – but our economy needs it! In a ground-breaking report[1] from Babson College Massachusetts (ranked among the most prestigious entrepreneurship colleges in the world) it was reported that intrapreneurs “tend to create more jobs than those who start their own business” Furthermore there is “a correlation between intrapreneurship rates and economic competitiveness (as measured by the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness data). Intrapreneurialism is a strong contributor to the vibrant economies of Denmark and Sweden. We need more of it in Australia. 

  • Important for sustainable business

Over the next few years 69% of SMEs and family owned business will change hands. According to PWC,getting this transfer right is “one of the biggest challenges facing both business owners and the broader economy. If managed well it could underpin a new wave of prosperity and growth for Australia. But if mishandled, it could result in a significant destruction of value.”[2] Businesses need to understand how to tap into the intrapreneurialism within their ranks in order to remain resilient, relevant and profitable.

  • It is important for diversity

The subject of innovation is often associated with the world of technology or corporations (and there are many events for those sectors). However what makes this event so unique is the diversity of voices represented side-by-side. Corporate, business, government, schools, community, not-for-profit, indigenous, academia. Intrapreneurialism is alive and well in ALL sectors and we need to recognise and celebrate that.

  • Important for the future of work

Intrapreneurialism is soon going to be the hottest topic in relation to the future of work. If you want a vibrant, engaged, future-ready workforce then intrapreneurialism is an essential ingredient in achieving that outcome. In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs are the source of energy and creativity that help an organisation to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities. In the new world of the innovation age, an organisation, large or small, public, private or any other sector, will succeed if it has a critical mass of employees who are intrapreneurs. Sir Richard Branson said that intrapreneur is “a title that hasn’t gotten nearly the amount of attention it deserves”, but that is about to change.

  • Important for the future of your career

Intrapreneurs will be highly sought after, will enjoy career acceleration and will be appreciated for their contributions. They are the driving force within any organisation seeking relevance, adaptability and competitiveness and so are the most valuable of all employees. 

Do visit the website for more information. Register before the 31st of January to get the early bird rate.

Australian Intrapreneurs Summit

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