Shane Campbell

Could I pass on my congratulations to you Irena regarding the event you designed and facilitated for our recent Collaboration Retreat. The feedback was very positive from our attendees. Not only did we get a positive result through understanding other people’s...

Ana Walker

Irena your workshop was exceptional! I felt motivated and inspired and my dormant creativity seemed to jump to attention. You have an amazing delivery that is inclusive, informative, consultative and challenging.

Bryan McSweeney

Irena delivered an Innovation Skills for the Public Sector program that invited the participants to think about the innovation challenges in the public sector. Throughout the program Irena unpacked a toolkit of effective methodologies and processes that anyone can use...

Simon Tannock

Irena is a very professional and engaging speaker and workshop presenter, who brings true value and deep knowledge into her presentations. Irena has a warmth and friendliness that radiates out, such that when a group of strangers in a workshop come together they feel...

Kristine Tully

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw is one of the best in this space. She succinctly captures innovation and makes it “real” to public sector leaders. From small “improvement” ideas to big ticket items, Dr Yashin-Shaw takes participants through a range of tools, methodologies and...


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