Leadership and Innovation

What do you need to liberate in your organisation?

Leadership and Innovation

Innovation is the new normal.  Are the leaders in your organisation ready to lead in this new ‘Super- VUCA’ world?

Leaders need a new skillset, tools and strategies  to create innovative, relevant, future-ready organisations.Whether you need a conference keynote or an extended program , you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Keynote – Leading in the innovation Age
  2. The Twenty First century innovation age requires a new style of leadership. It requires leaders who can harness the collective resources, talents and wisdom of people in the service of organisational innovation. Read more.

  3. Workshop – Leading for Innovation
  4. Without innovative leadership in an organisation, other initiatives will not help it succeed. Learn the art and science of leading for innovation. Read more.

  5. Mentoring – Innovative Leaders Mentoring Program
  6. Succeeding in transitional times such as we are experiencing right now can be very challenging. If you would like some help in mastering the art and science of leading innovation then this program is for you.Read more.

  7. Program – Leading in the Innovation Age
  8. The concept of leadership is going through a fundamental redesign at the moment. That is because we are living in the Innovation Agewhich it requires a new style of leader. This program develops future-ready leaders who will create future-ready workplaces. Read More.

  9. Book – Leading in the Innovation Age: Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace.
  10. This refreshingly simple and entertaining book gives leaders the essential skills to unlock the potential of their people in the service of innovation. Read more.(link to http://www.leadingintheinnovationage.com/ )

  11. On-line Course – Leading in the Innovation Age
  12. This 10 module on-line program brings to life the content of the book in a different way – through visuals and audio. Read more.