I read an article in The Australian recently that reported on the fact that leadership training in Australia has fallen behind the times. Not only that – but when it is done it is usually only targeted to people who are already in senior leadership positions.

This kind of ‘top-only’ leadership training is costing organisations dearly. It sends the message that the other layers within the organisation are not valued or worth investing in and reinforces the outdated hierarchical model of organisation structure. The end result is a disempowered and disengaged workforce that is languishing and don’t feel they have permission to step up and contribute more actively. What a waste!

I have been in meetings where leaders said to me “our people aren’t stepping up to take responsibility.” I then ask, “When was the last time they were given HIGH QUALITY training, mentoring or coaching and the opportunity to develop and extend their skills?” If I hear “We’re too busy to send people to training”; “They’re not ready for it”; “We don’t have the budget”; “We only do technical training”; “They should be doing it on their own time” I know they’re in trouble. Deeeeep trouble.

In a world that is changing so fast,  ALL layers of the organisation need to be given the opportunity to develop a variety of skills in a variety of ways so they can develop learning agility and identify themselves as life-long learners.

Good learning and development opportunities open people’s minds, energise them, help to create a positive workplace culture and garner respect and loyalty for the organisation.

Bring your leadership training up to date by expanding the repertoire of skills you are developing in people. Include innovation, creativity, collaboration, strategic thinking, problem-solving and enterprise skills in amongst the usual mix of communication, presentation, DISC, technological, digital and domain-specific technical skills. All of these contribute to leadership development in different ways.

Join me for a new half day workshop I’m launching next month Leading in the Innovation Age to update your skills.



LAUNCHING Two New Workshops….

Leading in the Innovation Age

Thursday Morning 25th of October (BNE CBD)

The success of your business, organisation or team is dependent on the quality of your leadership. Are your skills up to date? TheInnovation Age of the Twenty-First Century requires a new style of leader. Join us to learn about the new leadership skill set for a constantly changing world.

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Women’s Empowerment

Thursday Afternoon 25th of October BNE CBD

This half-day workshop will reveal the often invisible influences, mindsets and behaviours that shape our daily lives and how we can transform them to our best advantage in our personal and professional contexts. Identify disempowering behaviours, mindsets and habits then replace them! Raise your personal and professional effectiveness. EXPERIENCE A POWERFUL MENTAL MAKEOVER!

Find out more here – download brochure or check it out on my webpage.


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