On Thursday (14th of March 2019) was the inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit at the Brisbane Convention Centre.


The room was absolutely packed to capacity. So wonderful to see the movement of intrapreneurialism gaining traction in Australia.

The feedback about the event has been phenomenal! People loved the diversity and calibre of the incredible speakers AND attendees; the real-life, inspirational case studies; the community building; and the design of the day and content flow. The energised and positive atmosphere in the room for the entire day was palpable. 

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The overarching message of the summit is that intrapreneurialism can transform our workplaces, our economy and society. It is not confined to the corporate world. It is alive and well in every sector! The summit was designed to give a voice to and showcase intrapreneurialism in sectors as diverse as government, indigenous, not-for-profit, business, police, schools, academia, community – as well as corporate.

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Intrapreneurialism happens when people challenge the status-quo, ask questions, eschew business-as-usual thinking and break out of ridged mental models. During my opening keynote I gave everyone a Polemics Pass (above) – a light-hearted ‘permission slip’ and reminder to be bold and brave in seeking opportunity to make things better. The sunglasses (which remind us to look at things through a different lens for a new perspective), the humorous face pout and fist pump have become an iconic image associated with that challenge. It is a symbolic rallying cry to become agents of positive change within our workplaces and people are excited about rising to that challenge. The group picture at the top of the page is testament to that.

We’ll be doing it all again next year – only better! We’ll be taking an already amazing experience to the next level. There are some very exciting things in the pipeline. The 2020 Australian Intrapreneurs Summit (happening on the 12th of March again at BCEC), will have the theme of Enabling Intrapreneurialism through Technology and Diversity. I’ll let you know as soon as tickets are available. In the meantime put the date in your diary.

If you would like to explore this topic with me in greater depth and learn an implementation strategy for intrapreneurialism, come to the Creating Intrapreneurs Workshop on Thursday the 30th of May in Brisbane CBD. Information and registration here

Hope to see you there.

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw


E: irena@direnayashinshaw.com

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P: +61 7 3849 5003

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