The Other Revolution … The Most Important One!

Many organisations today feel that growth, productivity and innovation are being threatened due to the great skills shortage. Much has been written of late about the gap between the skills that employers require and the skills possessed by the available workforce. The situation has been precipitated because of rapid technological advancements, changing job market demands, and a lack of investment in workforce development and education.

But what if we reframed this challenge as an opportunity to discover the human potential hiding in plain sight within our organisations? What if this current global challenge could be addressed by a simple (but not necessarily easy) solution that unleashes the untapped talent within the workforce?

I have a great belief in peoples’ capacity to:

  • Learn new things
  • Develop new skills
  • Stretch themselves out of their comfort zone
  • Step up to lead in unexpected ways
  • Find creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems and
  • Achieve extraordinary outcomes no one thought possible.

This belief is not based on wishful thinking but rather build on a long and rewarding career as an educator – seeing people do exactly that! Time and time again.

Over the years I have designed, developed and delivered many programs that have taken people on different kinds of learning journeys. Each one experiences it differently; with different outcomes and different stories; but ALL remarkable. My superpower is in creating and holding the space that smart, savvy professionals can step into to discover (sometimes even to their surprise) what they are truly capable of achieving.

This is why I say with confidence that the skills shortage is an opportunity to unleash human potential.

People are prepared to re-skill, up-skill, new-skill IF they are supported, empowered, valued and appreciated; if they feel they have made a difference, solved a problem that mattered, started a ripple that will reverberate beyond their immediate hegemony. In fact, most people find this very personally and professionally satisfying and rewarding – even exhilarating (although sometimes not till later, as most growth experiences come with a fair share of frustration and angst; it’s all part of the journey).

This newsletter is a ‘call to arms’ (of sorts). A rallying cry to organisations to look within and realise that they have the talent resident within their ranks to address their challenges, transform their practices, creatively and responsibly integrate AI, and generally envision and shape an optimistic and positive future for themselves, their teams and the organisation.

In our VUCA, exponential, disrupted world no single ‘silver bullet’ solution exists that will guarantee organisational success and longevity. But if there was – it would be INTRAPRENEURIALISM which is the practice of:

  • Empowering employees to identify and pursue new opportunities
  • Promoting entrepreneurial values and practices across the organization
  • Creating a culture where new ideas from employees are valued and progressed
  • Encouraging people to use their creativity and ingenuity to solve problems
  • Proactively innovating to evolve and strengthen the organisation.

Here are three ways to bring intrapreneurialism into your organisation depending on how much of a commitment you want to make to it.

  1. LIGHT TOUCH: A 3-hour Intrapreneurial YOU workshop
  2. LEARNING JOURNEY: A 4-6 month mentoring program
  3. DEEP DIVE: A 12-month transformation process

1. Intrapreneurial YOU Workshop. 3 hours. On-line.

This is the ultimate crash course that immerses participants in the captivating world of intrapreneurialism. This is a great option to roll out across your organisation to build capacity at scale. If you would like to sample it, I am doing a public version of this workshop on the 26th of July in 2 time zones.

All details in the Intrapreneurial YOU brochure including costs and how to book.

2. Professional Certificate of Intrapreneurialism. 4 months with coaching.

A 4 to 6-month learning journey that develops and embeds the mindset, skillset and methodology of the intrapreneur. In August, for the very first time, I’m launching a public ACCELERATED version of this program with a condensed duration of just four months (instead of the usual six). I will be coaching this group personally. Participants can achieve their Certificate by Christmas. A brilliant way to conclude the year on a high.

All details in the PCI brochure including costs and how to book.

And JUST for people in my network I’m offering a limited time BOGO deal (Book one Get One) if booking before July 14th. Just register the required number via the portal. Then email me with the names of the additional people.

3. Accredited Intrapreneurial Organisation. 12-month transformation process

The program provides the tools and processes to accelerate organisational transformation to intrapreneurial status by creating a culture in which the enterprising talent of people is liberated and harnessed. It’s the best way of letting the world know that your organisation is building an intrapreneurial culture that welcomes, nurtures and supports intrapreneurs. This is a powerful differentiator in a noisy world that elevates an organisation’s brand and reputation which in turn attracts and retains top talent.

All details in the AIO brochure.

Please reach out to me via the website if you have any questions.

If you want to nurture intrapreneurialism and innovation in your organisation or team here are some ways I can help

1. Check out the range of services on my website.

Everything from a short 15- 30 min virtual ‘drop in’ for a team meeting …. through to a six-month transformative mentoring program.

2. Join the Global Intrapreneurs Institute.

This is an on-line, world-wide, educational community dedicated to supporting intrapreneurs and liberating enterprising talent. Join as an individual or sign up your entire organisation on a corporate package. 

3. Work with me privately.

If you’d like to work directly with me just send me a message with the subject line ‘Working together’ and tell me a little about what you need. Alternatively request a free strategy session via my website. 

4. Uncover the hidden innovation talent in your workforce with this next-gen profiling tool from Silicon Valley based tech firm Swarm Vision.


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