The dawn of the fourth industrial revolution has made creative thinking a CORE workplace activity.

We have moved from a workplace paradigm where creativity for so long has been a ‘fringe’ activity (the marginalised, poor cousin of analytical thinking) into an era where creative thinking has gained the respect and attention it deserves. It is becoming embedded in the culture of progressive organisations and is a first (rather than a last) resort when looking for fresh solutions in a complex world.

How could it be otherwise in a VUCA (Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous) world where success is now dependent on producing rather than reproducing; experimentation not just efficiencies; and flexibility as much as formulas.

Creative thinking is the compliment to analytical thinking that unlocks the full gamut and spectrum of higher order thought processes and problem-solving approaches. The World Economic Forum report entitled The Three Key Skill Sets for The Workers Of 2030 shows that workers will need to focus on developing their higher order cognitive skills i.e. critical and analytical thinking AND creative problem-solving.

People and teams who have cognitive flexibility and are comfortable with switching among different kinds of thinking without being trapped in rigid mental models are the ones who will bring deep and holistic solutions to complex problems.

In an era of unprecedented knowledge proliferation and access, we have unlimited raw materials for new ideas. Information can be combined, packaged and applied in a vast variety of new ways. It means that in order to function well in the modern work place we need to be able to handle complexity without compromising outcomes and combine disciplines and knowledge bases to produce innovative results. This is how high-performing teams and organisations will be able to maximise the value of their ‘intellectual capital’ (i.e. their smart people). Cognitive flexibility means being able to combine artistic and technical skills, professional knowledge and interpersonal ability and enterprise acumen with deep subject matter expertise.

In his book Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida, Professor at University of Toronto said:

Access to talented and creative people is to modern workplaces what access to coal and iron-ore was to steel-making.” 

Clearly organisations and businesses wishing to succeed in today’s innovation age need to develop the creative problem-solving capacity of their workforce.

Come along to my Thinking Beyond Boundaries half day workshop on the 12th of November to learn how to:

  • Be a flexible thinker and better problem-solver;
  • See things from fresh perspectives;
  • Break out of mental ruts and business-as-usual thinking by using a ground-breaking new method;
  • Capitalise on your valuable cognitive resources by understanding your personal creative problem-solving preferences; and
  • Utilise the creative process on a day-to-day basis at work for better outcomes

See you there.

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Tuesday, 12 NOVEMBER 2019



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I’m EXTREMELY excited to share that following on from the success of our sold out event in March 2019, we are hosting the 2nd Australian Intrapreneurs Summit in Brisbane, 2020.


“Enabling Intrapreneurialism through Technology & Diversity”

Check out the website and have a look at our fantastic lineup of speakers and panelists here.


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Suzan Briganti

Founder, CEO & Head of Product

Swarm Vision Inc.




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