Last week saw the official launch of my new book Intrapreneur: How leaders ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change. It was a glittering event with a wonderfully diverse group of people gathering to celebrate intrapreneurialism.

And there is good reason to celebrate.

Intrapreneurialism is a global movement that is sweeping progressive workplaces and unleashing talent and potential. Intrapreneurs are using their creativity to think differently, solve problems and transform their organisations through innovation. By doing so they are helping to create better workplaces, better customer outcomes, better products, better business models. That is cause to celebrate.

I am going to be spreading the message of intrapreneurialism via a number of different channels in the coming weeks and months starting with these two events in the short term. Join me.


29 June 2018, 11-11:30am

Intrapreneur: How Leaders Ignite Innovation, Break Bureaucracy & Catalyse Change

DINNER WITH DR. IRENA – Next Brisbane Dinner:

Thursday 5 July 2018, 6-8pm

Where Inspirational Intrapreneurial Leaders Connect

Theme for this event: 

“What Human Resource Professionals need to know about Intrapreneurialism.”

Held on the first Thursday of every month.

Stay tuned to find out what else we have in store.

Excitedly yours,



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