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Over the years I have had the enormous privilege of working with some amazing leaders in my Innovative Leader’s Mentoring ProgramThey develop and implementing high value innovation strategies, plans and projects for their teams and workplaces. It is really exciting. These leaders literally transform their respective workplaces.

One of my mentoring program graduates sent me this comment:

“Often in the past, we have brought in consultants at high cost who have to learn our business before they can make recommendations for change. But by doing the Innovative Leader’s Mentoring Program we are developing, internally, the skills of our own staff who already have a good knowledge of the business. In this way, for a comparatively low cost, we will develop our own skills to innovate and drive the change ourselves instead of bringing in expensive, external consultants.”

Getting feedback like this from clients makes me realise just how crucial it is to develop innovation capabilities in-house. I congratulate this person for their strategic foresight. Why hire-in expertise at exorbitant rates when you have people who could do it internally with a little bit of up-skilling, development and confidence.

If you are a leader with a serious commitment to implementing innovation in your workplace or wanting to build strong momentum for your innovation efforts then contact me. I am happy to gift you a 60 minute Innovation Strategy Session. Just let me know by return email (irena@drirenayashinshaw.com) or call 0411 330 301 and we can schedule a time.

My next Innovative Leaders Mentoring Program starts in a few weeks on the 31st of May. Join us.

Talk soon, Irena.

PS. Here are some questions that I regularly ask myself and my clients that take us to the heart of innovation. They have served me well. Perhaps they may be of use to you too. It would be great to connect in person.  Email me to assist you.How can I be even better in my role as a leader?

  • How can I transform my workplace?
  • How can I unleash my creativity and that of my team?
  • How can I improve my productivity?
  • How can I work more effectively with my stakeholders and clients?
  • How do I gain confidence and skills in solving complex problems creatively?
  • How can I uncover and identify my innovation opportunities?


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